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Our School

DPS New Delhi Almost all the DPS Schools whether they be in India or abroad are affiliated...

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Delhi Public School has well stocked library where a variety of school books...

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An imposing and impressing Administrative block that houses the Director Chamber...

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A Large Collection of Toys and a Play Pen. Computers with Internet Connectivity...

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Delhi Public School
Students are expected to take utmost care of school's property as their own property.
To inculcate the willingness and likeness for using English language, and also to enhance the students' English speaking skills, conversation only in English has been made mandatory for all students.
Parents and students shall not give to the teachers any gifts in whatsoever form.
Misbehaviors inside the school campus and during bus journey is a punishable offence.
Smoking, drinking and intake of drugs shall lead to the immediate dismissal of the concerned student. Act of grouping or infighting shall not be tolerated.
Once inside the campus, the responsibility for taking care of one's belongings lies with the students.
Students suffering from contagious diseases shall not Be allowed to attend classes until the student furnishes a fitness certificate from a doctor.
Students should come fully prepared to take up the scheduled examinations. Cheating or copying in any form will lead to the expulsion of the student.
Driving Motor Bike/Car for coming school is strictly prohibited.
Mobiles and any other such electronic or mechanical gadgets / devices are not allowed in the school. If caught, such articles will be destroyed by the school authorities.
Students are required to maintain the code of conduct strictly when inside the school campus and during the bus journey.


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